Stuff Pinoys Like: Rice

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The famous Banaue Rice Terraces. Source

If there is one thing that foreigners would know about Filipinos, it’s definitely our penchant for rice. Westerners don’t seem to understand our fascination for this carbohydrate as we don’t understand their fascination over bread, corn, beans or potatoes. But that’s alright because without these frustrations, jokes like these would not exist…

YOU KNOW YOU ARE FILIPINO IF… Today’s steamed rice is tomorrow’s fried rice.

What do you call an Asian rapper? A: Vanilla Rice

And the most famous of them all…



Why Do Pinoys Like Rice So Much?

As a matter of fact, Filipinos’ love for rice traces back even before the Spanish rule in 1521. Filipinos back then consider rice as luxurious to the extent rice is the ultimate tribute given to the village chieftains. Zap in 2016, where most of the world tag white truffles as the ultimate luxury, food wise. Given this high regard, rice back then was desirable to the eyes of many Filipinos, even during the Spanish reign in the archipelago.

Rice is Life

Nowadays, rice being heavily available is a Pinoy food staple, giving birth to a common statement, “Masarap ‘to kapag may kasamang kanin.” [This tastes delicious if paired with rice]. And let us not forget the birth of Unlimited Rice shops…







Which reminds me of this amazing story from the West about Tulips.

What do you think is the reason why Pinoys like rice? Any suggestions for my next blog post? Tell me in the comments below.

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